Virginia is a very romantic place because of its natural beauty. Apart from it’s history and natural beauty, there are many interesting things about Virginia that may surprise you.

1. The academic calendar of the state is determined by amusement parks

Since 1986 there has been a law which states that schools won’t open before the Labor Day. That way, they won’t have to choose between school and roller coasters. A reform of this law was passed in 2014, but it failed in the state Senate. It is the only state where school schedules are given depending on the amusement park interests.

2. An event takes place every year where 100 wild ponies swim

People watch about 100 wild ponies swim every year at an event that has been taking place for a century now. It is held from Assateague Island to Chincoteague Island in Eastern Virginia. The ponies are then auctioned off for raising money for the fire department there.

3. State elections could be bought with booze

In the early days, state elections could be bought with drinks. It is said that George Washington got his votes by getting the voters drunk. The results of the elections were determined by how much fee food and alcohol were given to the voters.

4. Northern Virginia is the internet

About 50% to 70% of all the Internet traffic flow through the data centers in Northern Virginia. You will find machines whirling around the clock. The data centers are situated int eh upper area of the state.

5. Virginians like vanity license plates

People of Virginia love vanity plates. Most of the license plates issued are personalized. Their cars look the best on the road with fancy license plates.

6. All new land the discovered by the British was called “Virginia”

After discovering the island of Roanoke, Queen Elizabeth I declared that the U.S. was free for Sir Water Raleigh to discover and colonize. This new British territory from north of Spanish territory in Florida and south of French territories in Canada was named Virginia. It was named after the ‘Virgin Queen’ Elizabeth I. Then the English gave different names to the colonies.

7. ‘Dirty Dancing’ was shot here

The classic movie of 1987 ‘Dirty Dancing’ was shot at the Mountain Lake Lodge in Pembroke, Virginia.Visitors go there to check out the iconic sites where the film was shot. The lodge has been renovated and provides ‘Dirty Dancing

Package’ to the fans. This package includes activities like group dance lessons, karaoke, etc.
These are very interesting revelations about Virginia and they make you feel like visiting the place more. Virginia is full of wonders and you must visit it.

Virginia has historical significance. Four of the first five presidents of the U.S. were born here. Mount Vernon and Monticello are homes of presidents. It claims the most Civil War battlefields. There are lots of natural wonders in this state. This place is full of tourist attractions. Here are the top ones.

Virginia Beach

It is a very popular holiday destination. During holiday seasons, it is a crowded place with hotels, amusements, restaurants, and more. There is a Water Park nearby where the children can enjoy. The Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Museum are also nearby. There are walking and hiking trails.

Monticello and Charlottesville

These are beautiful country houses and one of the most visited presidential homes. Monticello is the home of Thomas Jefferson. It is a Palladian-style mansion that is designed by himself. Throughout the house, you will see glimpses of his talent.

Mount Vernon

It was George Washington’s home for 45 years. The architectural design and interior decoration are amazing. You will see vivid paint and wallpaper colors in the house. You get a nice view of the Potomac River from here.

Shenandoah National Park and Skyline Drive

This park protects some part of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Along the crests of these mountains is the Skyline Drive. There are stopping points where you can enjoy the views. There are hiking trails into the park. You will find beautiful flowering trees and shrubs is summer and spring.

These are the major attraction of Virginia. There are many others. But when you visit Virginia, you shouldn’t miss out the tourist spots just mentioned. This journey will be memorable for you.

There are lots of adventures in Virginia. All you need is the willingness to go. There are lovely trails for activities, waterways where you can flow and some wonderful views. Here are the top outdoor adventures you can enjoy in Virginia.

Devil’s Bathtub

It is known as the greatest swimming hole in the world. It is a naturally smooth swimming hole and has a rock slide. You need to scramble rocks and cross the water a long way to go to the 7.2-mile Devil’s Fork Loop Trail in Scott County.

Virginia Creeper Trail

You can take a downhill stroll on this 34.3-mile trail. It starts from the Whitetop and goes to the Abingdon. It follows an old railway bed. You can take horses or bicycles on the trail.

Horseback riding

You can ride on horsebacks across the Virginina countryside. You can get your own horse or get one from the ranch. You must go along the designated trails for safety reasons.


It is a very famous outdoor activity in Virginia. It is appropriate for people of all ages. You can feel the wind as you zip through the foliage. You will be going at about 40 miles per hour speed and experience the thrill of flying through trees and open ski slopes that can be as high as 85 feet from the ground. You can find zip line from the top to the bottom of the mountain.

These are some great adventures that you need to try if you are in Virginia. The place is beautiful and you should just let yourself free and enjoy the thrill.

Virginia state is a lovely place to visit. There are so many places to visit and so many things to eat. Here are five things you definitely must eat when you are in Virginia.

1. Chicken and waffles

This dish contains some buttered or syruped waffle and some chicken. You need to use a fork to pick up a bit of waffle and then a bit of chicken. Then dip it in the gravy that is topped with hot sauce and eat it. It’s a very delicious meal.

2. Fruit cobbler

This dish is for the fruit lovers. You get to eat crispy fruit along with cobbler. It’s something unique and you will love the taste. You must try it out!

3. Moonshine

It is a hard corn-based liquor. It is sweet and burning at the same time. You must drink it from a distinctive wine glass. You will find it everywhere in Virginia. It’s a very popular drink out there.

4. Cheddar its wafers

There is cheese inside the quesadilla. It is fried and topped with bits of chopped pecans. It’s a great dish to eat, but you may gain some pounds. Still, it’s worth having.

5. Fried green tomatoes

You should have fried green tomatoes with some buttermilk biscuit with spiced mayonnaise on top. You will love its unique taste. You will find it in many restaurants in Virginia.

Every place has its signature dishes. These are the specialties of Virginia. If you go to Virginia then you must try these awesome dishes. They are delicious!