When high-achievers such as top sales persons, CEO’s, and community leaders achieve great success, others stand back and ask why them? What makes those achievers so different? What sets them apart? Whether you are a small business such as Modern Dentistry, or a larger corporation such as Kohl’s or another large company, the basic ideals and principles behind the success stories are the same: it takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and determination.

It could be as the book Strategic Acceleration Succeed at the Speed of Life (Vanguard Press), by Tony Jeary suggests, clarity, focus and execution.


Success in Business and Life

Jeary introduces readers to the Strategic Acceleration approach that he has developed and used to coach some of the world’s top CEO’s. The approach includes gaining clarity to what a person or company wants to achieve and why they or it wants to achieve it.

Then, becoming focused on the goals and objectives garnered from gaining clarity. Lastly, execution depends heavily on effective communications and leadership.

The first sentence of the Introduction chapter makes a strong statement and memorable promise. Jeary wrote, “This book provides a simple, strategic thought process that will transform the way you think, live, and work.”

Strategic Acceleration Defined

Jeary owns and operates a Strategic Acceleration Studio which is “A custom-designed, high-tech facility that combines the latest media technology with a library containing a lifetime’s worth of systems, processes, and best practices.”

Strategic acceleration as developed by the author is based on “Doing things that will produce superior results faster.”

What, Why, and How for Success

The most enlightening portion of the book is the suggestion to not only determine what one wants to achieve but to also ask why one wants to achieve a particular set of goals. Asking what and why provides the foundation of clarity.

Strategic planning books and courses discuss determining a mission and a vision of what a company wants to do or how it wants to be thought of in the mind of the customers, but this author stresses that knowing why they want that mission or vision is just as critical to success.

Once those two factors – what and why – are determined the how involves staying focused on the outcomes and avoiding distractions including those nay-sayers that don’t believe it can be done. Then, use strategic communications to execute and get the desired results. The acceleration factor speeds up getting to the desired results.

The book includes worksheets to help work on clarity, focus, execution blueprints.

Small Business Opportunities in a Fast Paced World

Jeary wrote, “There has never been a time when opportunity and technology have come together so perfectly. The competitive playing field has been leveled to the extent that a small business or even an individual can compete and win at any level.”

The upside – there are plenty of small business opportunities out there these days even in the great recession. The downside – today’s world moves at the speed of light or at least the Internet. Companies need to know what they want and why and then get to market quickly in order to make the success formula work.

Dynamics of Success

While all three factors, clarity, focus, and execution are important, the author uses most of the book to discuss the benefits of having “clarity of vision” and how clarity will pull success to a person or company. He refers to the clarity factor as:

  • An awakening
  • An epiphany
  • An uncluttered understanding

As the reader will come to realize after completing the book, to take advantage of today’s business opportunities, determining clarity of purpose, staying focused on the goals, and then executing quickly can be the perfect competitive edge.

Virginia is a very romantic place because of its natural beauty. Apart from it’s history and natural beauty, there are many interesting things about Virginia that may surprise you.

1. The academic calendar of the state is determined by amusement parks

Since 1986 there has been a law which states that schools won’t open before the Labor Day. That way, they won’t have to choose between school and roller coasters. A reform of this law was passed in 2014, but it failed in the state Senate. It is the only state where school schedules are given depending on the amusement park interests.

2. An event takes place every year where 100 wild ponies swim

People watch about 100 wild ponies swim every year at an event that has been taking place for a century now. It is held from Assateague Island to Chincoteague Island in Eastern Virginia. The ponies are then auctioned off for raising money for the fire department there.

3. State elections could be bought with booze

In the early days, state elections could be bought with drinks. It is said that George Washington got his votes by getting the voters drunk. The results of the elections were determined by how much fee food and alcohol were given to the voters.

4. Northern Virginia is the internet

About 50% to 70% of all the Internet traffic flow through the data centers in Northern Virginia. You will find machines whirling around the clock. The data centers are situated int eh upper area of the state.

5. Virginians like vanity license plates

People of Virginia love vanity plates. Most of the license plates issued are personalized. Their cars look the best on the road with fancy license plates.

6. All new land the discovered by the British was called “Virginia”

After discovering the island of Roanoke, Queen Elizabeth I declared that the U.S. was free for Sir Water Raleigh to discover and colonize. This new British territory from north of Spanish territory in Florida and south of French territories in Canada was named Virginia. It was named after the ‘Virgin Queen’ Elizabeth I. Then the English gave different names to the colonies.

7. ‘Dirty Dancing’ was shot here

The classic movie of 1987 ‘Dirty Dancing’ was shot at the Mountain Lake Lodge in Pembroke, Virginia.Visitors go there to check out the iconic sites where the film was shot. The lodge has been renovated and provides ‘Dirty Dancing

Package’ to the fans. This package includes activities like group dance lessons, karaoke, etc.
These are very interesting revelations about Virginia and they make you feel like visiting the place more. Virginia is full of wonders and you must visit it.