There are lots of adventures in Virginia. All you need is the willingness to go. There are lovely trails for activities, waterways where you can flow and some wonderful views. Here are the top outdoor adventures you can enjoy in Virginia.

Devil’s Bathtub

It is known as the greatest swimming hole in the world. It is a naturally smooth swimming hole and has a rock slide. You need to scramble rocks and cross the water a long way to go to the 7.2-mile Devil’s Fork Loop Trail in Scott County.

Virginia Creeper Trail

You can take a downhill stroll on this 34.3-mile trail. It starts from the Whitetop and goes to the Abingdon. It follows an old railway bed. You can take horses or bicycles on the trail.

Horseback riding

You can ride on horsebacks across the Virginina countryside. You can get your own horse or get one from the ranch. You must go along the designated trails for safety reasons.


It is a very famous outdoor activity in Virginia. It is appropriate for people of all ages. You can feel the wind as you zip through the foliage. You will be going at about 40 miles per hour speed and experience the thrill of flying through trees and open ski slopes that can be as high as 85 feet from the ground. You can find zip line from the top to the bottom of the mountain.

These are some great adventures that you need to try if you are in Virginia. The place is beautiful and you should just let yourself free and enjoy the thrill.