Virginia has historical significance. Four of the first five presidents of the U.S. were born here. Mount Vernon and Monticello are homes of presidents. It claims the most Civil War battlefields. There are lots of natural wonders in this state. This place is full of tourist attractions. Here are the top ones.

Virginia Beach

It is a very popular holiday destination. During holiday seasons, it is a crowded place with hotels, amusements, restaurants, and more. There is a Water Park nearby where the children can enjoy. The Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Museum are also nearby. There are walking and hiking trails.

Monticello and Charlottesville

These are beautiful country houses and one of the most visited presidential homes. Monticello is the home of Thomas Jefferson. It is a Palladian-style mansion that is designed by himself. Throughout the house, you will see glimpses of his talent.

Mount Vernon

It was George Washington’s home for 45 years. The architectural design and interior decoration are amazing. You will see vivid paint and wallpaper colors in the house. You get a nice view of the Potomac River from here.

Shenandoah National Park and Skyline Drive

This park protects some part of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Along the crests of these mountains is the Skyline Drive. There are stopping points where you can enjoy the views. There are hiking trails into the park. You will find beautiful flowering trees and shrubs is summer and spring.

These are the major attraction of Virginia. There are many others. But when you visit Virginia, you shouldn’t miss out the tourist spots just mentioned. This journey will be memorable for you.